Head and Neck Oncology Service

The Head and Neck Oncology Service specializes in the treatment of patients with cancerous and non-cancerous tumors of the head and neck. The service provides care in conjunction with the Massachusetts General Hospital, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up. The service coordinates all patient care needs including surgery, medical treatment, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, social services, dental services, and rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy and speech pathology. In addition, the service draws on the expertise of outside home health care, visiting nurse, and hospice programs.

Laryngology and Voice

Recently, Otolaryngology created a new Division of Laryngology within the MEEI. This division specializes in the study and management of the larynx and voice-related communication disorders. Expert services are available for the spectrum of disorders and diseases that affect the larynx and voice. This includes all phonosurgical procedures and voice therapy to treat lesions of the vocal folds, vocal-cord paralysis, and other neurological problems (i.e., spasmodic dysphonia), as well as reconstructive procedures to rectify laryngeal airway narrowing. A group of individuals has been brought together to integrate excellence in patient care, education, training, and research. A dedicated team has also been organized to address the comprehensive management needs of the professionals and performing voice.


Within the Otology Service, physicians treat a wide variety of ear and related problems, including conductive and sensori-neural hearing loss, balance and facial nerve disorders, congenital and genetic hearing loss, toxic diseases, drug effects, noise injuries, skull fractures, and infections.

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